Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pune 17 August

Race 1: Anybodies race Jockey skills will matter. Mykonos, is the one to beat but Remember Me, loves this track and will relish the fast pace and can upset them all.

Tips: Remember MeMykonos,

Race 2: Shining Path,Achieve, and Cactus Cash, should fight it out here the last named will improve a lot from his last run and should be the one to beat.

Tips: Cactus Cash,Shining Path,

Race 3: Okavango, and Mountbatten, are my top two in this race the first named will be the one to beat.

Tips: Okavango, Mountbatten

Race 4: Some decent animals are running here but Simply Divine, has an edge due to a run benefit. Make note of first timer Remarkables, can sneak in a place at good odds.

Tips : Simply Divine,                      Upset: Remarkables,

Race 5: Your Royal MajestyThe Other Song, and Tap Dance, are my short listed 3 in this open race. The last named is well prepared and has a good handicap. The Other Song, is best on track and can upset.

Tips: Tap Dance,             Upset: The Other Song,

Race 6: Constantine, is a nice animal and will be the one to beat. Shania, will keep her honest. Make note of Quick Angel, for place.

Tips: Constantine,Shania,                 Upset: Quick Angel

Race 7: Polydences, is a very nice animal and if the jockey can handle the pressure of a Graded race he will win.

Tips:  Polydences

Race 8: Open race.

Tips: SansaniPhelps,             Upset: Rocking,

Race 9: Open race 

Tips:  MuntasirMt Tianmen,         Upset: Mountain Treasure,

Friday, August 15, 2014

Pune 15 Aug 2014 Happy Independence Day.

Race 1 : Unico CorazonAdams Wing,

Race 2: CezanneArtiste,

Race 3:Star Gazing, Mzuri,

Race 4: SombreroStarry Ocean

Race 5: Beforememoryfades,Hawker

Race 6: Fortune Favours,Haunting Moments

Race 7: Circle Of BlissCaesars Star

Race 8: Rio,Way Out

Race 9: Archimedes,Wind Of The Hills,                Upset: Sword Of Honour, (note)

Race 10: Great ExpectationQuick Fire,

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Pune 11-8-2014

Race 1: Bad race best to avoid.

Tips: Two OceansDior

Race 2: Ember Lady, was a bit unlucky last time today in this set has a fair chance. Skywalk, and Administrate, are the danger animals if tried.

Tips: Ember Lady,               Upset: Administrate,

Race 3: Cha Cha Cha, is tracking very well and if tried should run a good race. Sir Song, is also looking good and will be a likely upset.

Tips: Cha Cha Cha,               Upset: Sir Song,

Race 4: A wide open race and atleast 7 runners have a fair chance. Set To Fly,Honest Pleasure, and Ice Zone, are my shortlisted 3. The first and last named are gamble horses so it will pay to observe there condition in the paddock. The second named runs best when fresh and will be right there. Antia has opted to run Ice Zone, in a higher class and the handicap at which the horse sits is very tempting. 

Tips: Ice Zone,Set To Fly,            Upset: Honest Pleasure,

Race 5: Bad race 3 yos over 9 furlong can be tricky best to avoid. King Glorieux, should run a good race and can upset.

Race 6: Open race and all horses  should dominate the finish. On Paper Dancing Phoenix, is a 6 furlong horse but being fresh and a good mock race he has a very good chance. Dancing Prances, same connection has a benefit of a run and a good jockey. Silver Streak, and Starry Eyes, are fresh and well prepared and will be in the fray. Supreme Star, can be ignored and can upset if the jockey can handle it. If you look at the quality of runners here the pace is going to very fast and that can only suit one horse Commander, who may find this trip a bit sharp but because of the fast pace he will be finishing the fastest can upset if given half a chance.

Tips: Dancing PrancesDancing Phoenix,          Upset: Commander

Race 7: Zumi ZumiPorto Banus,  and Flash Drive, are my short listed 3. All 3 are tracking very well and should run good races. The first named is a 3 yo in VB and considering that he has matched strides with Greek God in mumbai the horse has potential. 

Tips:Zumi Zumi, Flash Drive,

Race 8: Affirmation,Tammy O,             Upset: Earth Tamer,

Race 9: Feisty Lass,               Upset: Lucky Charm,

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Pune 9-8-14

Race 1: A tricky race and all 5 runners have a fair chance.It's High Time, has an advantage of a run and handicap and will be the one to beat. Light Of Arabia, also had a good lung opener and the distance is right for her she can upset. Copperglow, is a favorite because of the jockey and I think is a false favorite.

Tips: It's High TimeLight Of Arabia

Race 2: Open Offer, had a very easy run last time and should be the one to beat. Splendid Light, is the best of the lot but needs a long stretch run the pune straight will be his down fall. Brown Dynamite, is best on track but not sure of intent.

Tips: Open Offer,         Upset: Brown Dynamite,

Race 3: Speed Baby,Mateus Rose,  toss up the first named if tried should win.

Tips: Speed Baby,Upset: Mateus Rose

Race 4: Tatiana, also takes time to warm up the short straight wont help her cause.  Delightful Lady, manner of victory was too good and she should be the one to beat. Make note of Burn, if tried she can upset.

Tips: Delightful Lady,                   Upset: Burn,

Race 5: First timers so hard to say. English Lass, should run a good race.

Race 6: Peritomoreno, has come to hand will be hard to toss. Nature Boy, is the only danger and will keep her honest.

Tips: Peritomoreno,           Upset: Nature Boy

Race 7: Dreamz Unlimited, and Full Moon, should dominate the finish the second named has a benefit of the run but the first named is a better animal .

Race 8: A wide open race and any horse can win. My short listed 3 are  Angeling,Gascony,  and Zazou

Tips: ZazouAngeling,      Upset: Gascony, Note

Race 9: Desert Wings, if tried should be hard to beat. Oriental Rocky, and Mountain Queen, should keep her honest.

Tips: Desert Wings,                     Upset: Mountain Queen,

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Pune 3-8-14

Race 1 : A wide open race with many chances. Horses 1-2-8-9 all have a fair chance if the intent is there. My pick is Dhishkyaon, on jockey merit and handicap. Admiral Gray, is the dark horse in the fray can upset.

Tips: Dhishkyaon,               Upset: Admiral Gray,

Race 2: Pitbull, has come down considerably in class and loves this track will be the one to beat if the jockey can handle it. Alecto, is showing good track movements and if tried will be right there.

Tips: Pitbull,              Upset: Alecto,

Race 3: Lack of any track work on Sheer Class, creates a doubt of fitness for the horse. Like all of Pesis runners I think the horse is out for a run and is targeted for another day however he has the class over Victoria Falls, but not sure if that would be enough.

Tips: Victoria Falls,              Upset: Barringo,

Race 4: Sheer Lack of contenders and no track for Archimedes, who likes this track gives Zurich, a fair chance as he has run in better company. Keeping in mind that he is running after being gelded it will pay to avoid him today and skip the race.

Tips: Zurich,Archimedes,

Race 5: StilettoAngel In The Sky, and Sansani, are my short listed 3 in this wide open race the last named is running after a year but can upset if tried.

Tips: StilettoAngel In The Sky, Upset: Sansani

Race 6: Westphalia, is coming from bangalore, her last spurt was in bangalore on the 27th July and she is now running here in a 7 day span. Not sure how she has traveled. Flashing ChieftainShivalik Breezeand Soul Centric, are all tracking well and with only 50 kgs on her back I am giving the last named a good chance.

Tips: Soul CentricFlashing Chieftain

Race 7 : Many youngsters running on this track for the first time to any thing can happen best to avoid the race.

Tips: Quizical,Apache,       Upset: Discourse

Race 8 : My Freedom, should be the one to beat here.

Tips :My Freedom

Race : Zeda, is tracking very well and should be the one to beat.Heart Of The City, and Peppercorn, should keep her honest.

Tips: ZedaHeart Of The City,   Upset: Peppercorn

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Pune 2-8-14

Race 1: Dazzle N DazeMorals,

Race 2 : Starsonboard

Race 3: Spanish Saga,Grenadine,

Race 4: Cactus Cash,Shining Path,

Race 5: Ultrasonic,Mykonos,

Race 6: Staristocrat,Blackbean,

Race 7: Adams SpiritDoc Holliday

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bangalore 27.07.2014

Race 1: Appy's Pride,         Upset: Blue Star

Race 2: ActualSuper Queen

Race 3: Bessie,Vistabella

Race 4: LuciaBold Majesty,

Race 5: InquisitionRidgeway,

Race 6: Sans Frontieres,Simpleton,

Race 7: Ocean ParkCentral Park,

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Bangalore 26.07.2014

Race 1: Looks a open race here Summer Sky, running a handicap race for the first time but in typical A caddy fashion watch the flow of money. Yourescintilating,Big Copper Penny,Thejaguar,Apollo Rising, are all in with a fair chance if the intent is there. The first named has a edge due to jockey and handicap.

Tips: Yourescintilating,  Upset: Big Copper Penny,

Race 2: Fatal AttractionSunday Spotlight, and Hapticstar, are my short listed 3 in this open race where any horse can win. 

Tips:  Sunday Spotlight,Fatal Attraction,    Upset: Hapticstar,

Race 3: A wide open race but Vigorous, and Crown Emperor, will be the ones to beat the second named can upset.

Tips: Vigorous, Upset  Crown Emperor

Race 4: Alerio, was a impressive winner last time should improve a lot from that run and should be the one to beat.  Make note of Guts And Glory, who will upset if all is well with him is best on track.

Tips: Alerio,            Upset: Guts And Glory,

Race 5: Amazing Redd, has been consistent in better company and will be the one to beat.Maddox, can upset.

Tips: Amazing Redd,               Upset: Maddox

Race 6: A wide open race best to avoid or look for value bets. Fruit Prince,Candice, and Mystical Shadow, are the three horses that can upset.

Tips:   Fruit Prince          Upset: Mystical Shadow,

Race 7: Azetic StarSanta Ana,          Upset: Absolute Red,

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pune 24-7-2014

Race 1: Its a bit strange that Delightful Lady, is a favorite despite any track work and average mumbai form unless his track is hidden its hard to say. Spear Of Trium, has similar mumbai form and is tracking very well along with Donata, who has more experience and at a good handicap.

Tips: Spear Of TriumDonata

Race 2: Dreamland, and Titleist, both like this track and will fight for honors the first named is a better animal.

Tips: Dreamland,

Race 3: Burgundy Rose, likes this track and runs best when fresh, should be the one to beat. Song Of Africa, is tracking well and can upset.

Tips: Burgundy Rose,           Upset: Song Of Africa,

Race 4: Greek God, has done nothing wrong so far but has never run on this track it is advisable to see how he goes as the pune track, Great horses have failed on their first runs her including champion sprinter Oasis Star hence he can be beaten. there are many horses in this field who are tracking well and like this track, They are RajsammanIce Affair, and the bottom weighted  Wasabi, hence it will not be easy for the favorite. If Antia tries Ice Affair, he will win.

Tips: Ice Affair,Wasabi

Race 5: Dreamliner, likes this track has been brought down a lot in class and is tracking very well should win today. Make note of Tahrir, considering the company if the intent is right he can upset.

Tips: Dreamliner,         Upset: Tahrir,

Race 6: Open race but Zoraavar, and Falcon, look well prepared here and are well placed on handicap. The first named is better. Zoraavar, The top weighted Dancing Prances, will keep them honest can place.

Tips: Zoraavar,

Race 7: 3YO maidens best to avoid.

Tips: Full MoonElaheh,

Race 8: 3YO maidens best to avoid.

Tips: Leothefiercehorse,Jewel,

Race 9: Pappillon

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bangalore 20-07-2014

Race 1: ArzikiAs Good As It Getsand Liege Lord, should improve from last run and will be the fancied 3. Its hard to see the improvement but the last named will relish the step up in distance. Make a note of Zagato, his last run is best ignored he will be the one that can upset.

Tips:  Liege Lord,               Upset: Zagato

Race 2: Cool Hand, and Sunday Cruz, have booth had forward runs but looking at the field there are many fast horses that will be tried and it will suit horses that come off the pace. Red Admiral, and My Law, will benefit the most and should be the ones to look out for.

Tips: My Law,      Upset: Red Admiral,

Race 3: This is a wide open race but Amistad, is very well prepared here and will be the one to beat. Salina, is well rested now and will enjoy the step up in distance.

Tips: Amistad,               Upset: Salina

Race 4: Pearl Reward, will make amends for her defeat last time and will be the one to beat.

Tips: Pearl Reward,               Upset: Dofantasy

Race 5: This will be an very interesting race with no pace makers it will be jockey skills that will matter at the post Amazing Grace, needs a fast pace and there is a very high chance he will loose to the other two it will more than likely be Snowdrift
best to watch the race or take a chance on the other two runners at odds.

Race 6: A wide open race Violent Storm, and Jersey Shore, are my top two here.

Tips: Violent Storm, Upset Jersey Shore,

Race 7: Super Force,  and Angela, should fight it out the second named can upset.

Race 8: Open race but Magic Wave, will be the one to beat.

Tips: Magic Wave,Scuffle

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Bangalore 19.07.2014

Race 1: Although  Suezy Oh, looks very well prepared and Oriental Belle, was a impressive winner last time there are many horses in this set are well prepared and are ready for a gamble. Horses 8-9-11 are the ones in question. Balance Of Nature, and Somerset Rose, have seen better company and are now ready to strike. Kali Ghata, has come up a lot in form and come down a lot in class and can be tried over his stablemate. Best to avoid this race or look for value bets.

Tips: Kali Ghata,  Suezy Oh,  Upset:Balance Of Nature,

Race 2: 6 3yos running here for the first time in a handicap race which will make the race wide open. Interactive, has run in better company and should be in the money today.Zulu Fantasy, and Legal Legacy, should keep her honest.

Tips: Interactive

Race 3: Secret Touch, and Tradition, should fight it out and jockey skills will matter.

Tips: Secret Touch

Race 4: Soviet Union, was an impressive winner first up and looks fit enough to repeat.Lovely Lady, and Sairani, are coming up well and should be in the fray the last named has a fair chance.

Tips: Sairani,Soviet Union

Race 5: Wide open race my top two are Hillsboro, and Will Star,

Race 6: Youngsters and maidens so hard to say but make note of Hector, he will prove a thorn to the rest.

Race 7: Kentucky Rose, had an impressive run first up and is now ready to strike. The danger will come from Anfield

Tips: Kentucky RoseAnfield

Race 8: Open race with many chances Salzburg,Yellowzone, and Strombolite, are my short listed 3. The last named will be a good upset today.

Tips: Salzburg,Yellowzone, Upset:  Strombolite,

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bangalore 13.07.2014

Race 1: A wide open race but Zucchero, who is a first timer is tracking very well and should be the one to beat. Make note of Hello Boss, here who can sneak in a place at good odds or even upset.

Tips: Zucchero,                      Upset: Hello Boss

Race 2: Ace Badraan, looks very well prepared to lift this race the only danger is Mannat,.

Tips: Ace Badraan,

Race 3: Azzurro, should improve a lot from last run but Republican Star, whos last run is best ignored will run a much improved race today and can upset. Vijay Vaibhav, just lost last time and can make amends.

Tips:Azzurro,Vijay Vaibhav, Upset: Republican Star (note)

Race 4: Pentagram, and Blitzschnelle, are my top two in this wide open race.

Tips: Pentagram

Race 5: Mickey Mouse, is ready for a gamble and if the jockey can handle him he should win. From the rest the race is wide open but don't under estimate the potential of Zermatt, he will be tried today and can upset.

Tips: Mickey MouseOne Of A Kind,Upset: Zermatt

Race 6: A few speedy horses here and best to avoid the race as the pace will be blown and it will suit Sharp Witted, and Our Little Dragon, both of them can upset specially the first named.

Tips: Sharp Witted, Upset:Our Little Dragon,

Race 7: On paper Be Safe, cant loose, If for any reason that will happen it will be at the hands of Ownermate Bold Majesty, . Prize Finder, should find a place 

Tips:Be Safe  Bold Majesty,              Upset: Prize Finder,

Race 8: Alerio, is sitting on a decent handicap and should make the most of it.

Tips: Alerio,Authentic,

Race 9: Galway Girl, has the best credentials but Amanda, can upset.

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