Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mumbai jan Quick Tips

Guys like I have mentioned earlier I am caught up with a few personal issues till the end of month and havent been following racing. Following are my options of the day plase keep in mind that they are my quick views due to lack of time so do your homework before u go for your wallet. Good Luck

Race 1:Bad race  By The Way,           Upset: Bayblues,(note)

Race 2: Anahi,           Upset: Royal Lady,

Race 3: Bling,

Race 4: Lake Geneva, Vibgyor,            Upset: Rein In Spain, (note will stay the trip)

Race 5:Bad race  Follow Me,Zeki,       Upset: Faramarz, Note

Race 6: Halle, Suntan Beauty,           Upset: Showers Of Heaven,

Race 7: Riding Onthe Storm,Desert Eagle,          Upset: Afsoon,

Race 8 : Circus Ring,Golden Memory,          Upset: Marciano,(note)

Race 9: Destined To Glory,            Upset: Viva Zapata,

Race 10: Clarion Call,

Days Best: Bling,
Double:  Bling,Clarion Call,
Kaichi or win prospects: Bling,Clarion Call,Destined To GloryCircus Ring,
Eachway or place bets: Bayblues,Riding Onthe Storm,Zeki,Rein In Spain,Royal Lady,Viva Zapata,

Bolt from the blue: Faramarz, and Marciano,


Anonymous said...

Tiger your tips are all bogus like your chamcha shyam please stop fooling poor punters as we know you are bokiee man.

isr said...

Mr Anonymous if golimaster tips are bogus why looking at the blog.Please shut up your mouth and look for other blogs or create your own blog.

Dont worry be happy said...

BLING wont win
BACK TITIAN and go home happy.

Anonymous said...

Bline own, we hare happy.
please u also be happy don't worry.

ok ?

Anonymous said...

Well done !! Bling Days best at 3 to 1

rajvu said...

Dear mr anonymus I do not agree with your point the first and formost thing is this is racing and there is no certanity it is a comnent or view expressed if you like it back it or else leave it there is no point at harmng or passing bad comments who is taking all the trouble to post his view in helping people making their choice thanks tiger I backed bling at 2.75 to 1 and I am avaiting your next post is it bangalore or tiger are you hunting for a kill in the oaks at mumbai I shall back all my savings on the oaks day at mumbai only if you post if you are not posting pl send me mail of your choices to

rajvu said...

Hi tiger today shelar was on fire we were not able to guess how the animal was onboard can we get some good long priced animal which is ready to strike like the one you tipped alma mater. Hope we get some good fireworks on the oaks as I amgoing through some rough time as I need to repay some debts tiger hunt some good food for us I am realy hungry

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